Just activate the plugin and you’re set.

What it does:
CleanCat tidies up your categories. To be more precise, if a user navigates through your categories he’ll always see all the entries from all sub-cats as well. Some people like that, some people don’t. So for the latter there’s now the possibility to simply turn that off. If the plugin is activated, only postings belonging directly to the category will be displayed in it.

Go ahead and fetch it here:

Extract cleancat.php from the .zip-archive and place it in your WordPress plugin-folder. Then browse to your administration menu named “Plugins” and activate the plugin. That’s it.


1.1.2 Fixed a bugfix for empty categories to work in WordPress 2.0.5
1.1.1 Fixed errors with empty categories and 404s.
1.1.0 Added the possibility to work with nice permalinks.
1.0.1 Fixed a bug which didn’t show Pages or Home correctly.
1.0.0 Final Release.
0.1.0 Initial Test Release.